guest post: the other side of seventeen

For those of you who read my sister’s blog post ‘Seventeen’ – thank you. Perhaps you were like myself – a crying mess. Maybe you weren’t. That’s okay too. It felt right when I read it the first time and still does that I put to words something of what the number means for me and what was happening for me when Suz chose to wear ‘my number.’ Tell the other side of the story, so to speak.


Being an athlete there is a question that I am frequently asked; Why do you wear number seventeen?
I usually reply with the short version of ‘Well, my number is actually 10. My sister wore number 17 so it’s really her number. I wear it for her.”
Short and sweet. But, not many people really know the significance of why it is so special to me to first, wear this number and second, answer that question the way I do…