pinch me!

Over the last month there have been many feelings consuming my emotions – 
Fear, uncertainty, homesickness, worry,
Joy, amazement, awe, love,
But most of all HAPPINESS!! 
As I hugged my mom good-bye before heading through customs I held back tears that are only now beggining to surface again as I reminice that moment.  I was getting on a plane to move thousands of miles away to play this crazy game called volleyball.  But to me it felt like any other time my parents would take me to the airport to head back to school.  I was leaving to live out a dream I’ve had since 8th grade and that’s all I could think about.
This first month has been full of learning – the currancy exchange rate, how to communicate with a coach who speaks another language, living in a town of roughly 4,000 people, along with many other things.  
I’m living outside of my comfort zone, and all those other emotions pale in comparison to the amount of HAPPINESS I feel each day when I remember I’m literally LIVING OUT MY DREAM! Not many people can say that and I’m proud I can be one of them!
So, here’s a look into what I’ve been up to the last couple weeks!



The bridge and view we pass everyday on our walk to and from the gym!


Some team pictues! 

Weekend trip to Jyväskylä with my roomies/the other Americans!


…and of course a little bit of volleyball (lentopallo)!!

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